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Emily was my doula for  the birth of my first baby Kailynn last summer and I would highly highly recommend her!  Em is passionate about what she does and is extremely supportive no matter what birthing plan you personally choose to go with.  I really felt like she was my advocate- she has the educational background to be able to explain to you what your choices are and answer your questions...from having a heathy pregnancy and prenatal care to birth and post-partum...she's there to help you through it all. 

My husband and I didn't exactly see eye to eye on spending the money for a doula...but if you asked him today he'd tell you it was worth every penny.  Em was incredibly nurturing during the delivery, kept me calm when I needed it, and helped guide me through the birth with little reminders like shifting the position of my pelvis or turning over to my side when the baby was stuck which ultimately unlodged her.  She stayed with me after the delivery and was a great support for breastfeeding and even helped out watching Kailynn a few weeks later when we were moving (she's incredible with kids too!).  I had a natural childbirth and with Em's help it made the impossible seem possible...and I would totally do it again!

--Kelly, first time mom

Emily was my doula in 2015 for the birth of my daughter. I am very happy she was there. I had a doula with my son, too (different person) and I preferred Emily. I loved working with her. Both of my births involved lengthy hospital stays and an induction. Emily was there the entire time, supporting me, and after the birth as well. She has an easy going personality and is a pleasure to be around. We met a few times before my birth and she offered helpful advice during our meetings. Love her!!!

--Alissa, second time mama

We had the privilege of having both Jasmiene & Emily at the (home)birth of our son, though we were working primarily with Jasmiene to begin with. She went over & above the call of duty, giving me a massage & bringing "Get Well" goods when I was sick (& about to have my baby!). She was very thorough in all of her pre-natal visits, wanting to make sure she understood my intentions for my birth, & wanting to be sure to have a connection with me before entering into this very powerful "birth space" together with my family. She & Emily took many turns rubbing my back, repeating affirmations throughout the labor, & basically taking care of essentially any other random thing that needed to be done. Jasmiene ran to the store to get me a very particular smoothie after the birth, & I think they were the last two to leave, as they made sure they had helped deal with laundry & any other odds & ends. Thorough, compassionate, passionate, & empathetic. They are who they say they are: Empowered Birth Doulas. Thanks, ladies!

--Kelly, second time home birth mama

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We had a great experience working with Emily in the weeks leading up to the birth of our first daughter, and during delivery.  Emily helped us up the learning curve during the weeks prior to my daughter's birth, helping us think through our various options and helping to explain the process, our choices and the various trade-offs of those choices.  Working with Emily really allowed us to be as informed as possible as we went through this brand new experience.  Emily has a lot of prior experience and we really valued tapping into her wealth of knowledge.  During the labor process, having Emily's support was incredibly valuable.  She was a great ally in the hospital, and helped guide us through the process with a warm and calming presence throughout.  We highly recommend Emily's services to anyone looking for support through the pregnancy and labor process.

-Emily, first time mama

My husband and I have been using Emily as a postpartum doula for our 3 month old and it has been amazing!  I wish I knew about her from the beginning and didn't choose to white knuckle it through the first few weeks and months.  Emily is great with my baby, an amazing cook (!!), and pleasurable to be around.  I have been able to feel like myself again by having her help me out.  I recommend anyone looking for a doula to highly consider their services for birth and after birth. Set aside the money in advance and just do it, you will be glad you did!

---Amoreena, first time mama

I will always be very grateful to Emily for all her support and encouragement during my postpartum recovery. It was very comforting to know that she had always a positive idea or suggestion when I felt overwhelmed. The best part is that she is such a great listener. Overall I had a wonderful experience working with her.

--Regina, first time mama

Emily has been an amazing partner throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  This was my first baby and I knew I wanted to have as nature a labor as possible, but I had a lot of questions and concerns about giving birth in a hospital.  Emily was a huge help and quickly answered all the questions I had, everything from concerns about a non stress test after a doctor appointment to what foods I should be eating towards the end of my pregnancy.  

During labor she was an incredibly calming presence in the room and basically took over for my husband at the side of the bed (he was a deer in the headlights). She helped establish a latch right after birth and was very respectful of what i wanted and felt comfortable with throughout the labor process.  She explained what the doctors were doing as things came up and helped me understand what to expect, which is exactly what I was looking for in a Doula.

A few days after giving birth my milk came in and i was very engorged and uncomfortable.  For a first time mom still recovering from delivery, this was a pretty scary and exhausting experience.  Emily came over as soon as I asked for her help and explained what I could do to alleviate the pain and ways I could establish good milk production moving forward.  

Overall, I approached labor and breastfeeding with a lot less apprehension because we had Emily as a resource, I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a knowledgable partner throughout your pregnancy. 

-- Victoria, first time mama

We loved working with Em as our postpartum doula. She worked both overnight and daytime shifts between when our baby was two weeks to three months old. We felt absolutely confident leaving our baby in her care. She was an invaluable resource — both in helping us get sleep and answering our questions or talking through different approaches to a situation. Most importantly she helped us understand what is realistic and normal to expect in a baby’s first months. (Spoiler alert: there are no silver bullet magic solutions!) We recommended her to friends who were having trouble introducing the bottle to their baby and would give her an unqualified positive recommendation to anyone who asked.

-Tess, first time mama

We have nothing but good things to say about Emily. She was our supportive system during our pregnancy and certainly through birth. I can't imagine going through labor without her. She new exactly what I needed and when, she supported both me and my husband, and she new how to help with the pain during delivery. Giving birth was the most profound experience on my life and I am proud that Emily will forever be a part of that.

-Carey, first time mama

I highly recommend Emily Flynn who was our doula for the birth of our second child in September. Emily was wonderful -- she's warm, very knowledgable, and has really good instinct about how involved to be throughout the intimate experience of delivering a baby (before, during, and after).

My husband and I felt immediately comfortable with Emily when we met her during our consultation visit. She was very pleasant, inquisitive about our preferences for doula support, and provided a wealth of information (solicited by us; not at all forced!) for consideration regarding our birth plan. She was also playful and engaging with our preschooler who was quite curious about her visit!

Emily was reliable and an excellent communicator throughout our work together. She supported my labor expertly by providing guidance over the phone when it was unclear whether labor had started, and then days later by promptly meeting us at the hospital (across the Bay) when it had begun. She was a source of great comfort to both my husband and I, as we weighed the various options throughout the labor; she would gently-without pressure-remind us of considerations important to us but also help to make sense of the situation along way as it progressed.

I am so pleased that we found Emily and had the chance to work with her - and that she became part of our 2nd birth story!

-Sheila, second time mama